Vegetarian Food Can Extend Your Life

Nowadays, there are so many types of food that are delicious and interesting to eat such as fast food, instant food, and others. Those kinds of food are delicious and addicting because it has many types of flavors that our tastebuds are interested in. But not all kinds of those foods are healthy and good for our body because some of them have bad nutritions and contain many dangerous additives. We must choose healthy food for our daily consumption because it contains many natural supplements. That kind of food specifically is vegetarian food. Vegetarian food is a type of healthy food like vegetables, fruits, salads, and others. Vegetarian food is all types of food that is made from nature. People believe that vegetarian food is good for our body and vegetarian food also can extend our life.

Firstly, vegetarian food has good nutrition that is suitable for our body. For example, fruits have many nutritions like vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin D, and minerals. Many nutritions like vitamins and mineral is good for our body and can help our body to recover from illness. Because those kinds of vitamins can help to minimize the possibility of our body getting sick. There are also many nutritions in vegetarian food that can make our body stronger because we will have a good body metabolism. Vitamins and minerals can make our body work more fluently and maintaining our body system. Our body also needs vitamins and minerals that are havely contain in vegetarian food.

Secondly, vegetarian food can reduce the causes of illness for our body. The nutritions that vegetarian food contain are natural product so it is safe and suitable for our body. Vegetarian food can reduce the causes of obesity for our body because vegetarian food has a less of sweet and the sweet of vegetarian food is a natural sweet so it is healthy. Vegetarian food also can reduce the causes of cancer for our body because plants produce many phytochemicals that may protect cells from damage. Vegetarian food also can reduce blood pressure in our body because vegetarian food doesn’t have any salt nutrition that can make our blood high pressure.

Finally, vegetarian food is nowadays food, because nowadays trying to maintain a healthy body is expensive. Vegetarian food is not only quite delicious but it’s also healthy and good for our body. Nowadays there are many people that have already changed their mind to vegetarian food because they have realized that maintaining a healthy body is expensive. Besides that vegetarian food also will make us healthy and will prevent us from illness because vegetarian food can make our immune system more stronger. Then if we have a healthy body, we will spared from illness and we can save many money to not go to the hospital because nowadays hospital is very expensive. And hospital also doesn’t guarantee that we will totally get well from illness.

                In conclusion, we should change our daily food to vegetarian  food because it’s quite delicious and it’s also healthy for our body. Then if we have healthy body we will live more longer and we can also happy because we don’t need to go to hospital or take other medicine. So let’s change our daily food to vegetarian food if we want to live more longer.

Written by: Melvyn