Nowadays the daily needs of a person are diverse and not everyone could support their own daily life. Which in turn makes them face a few difficult problems. What do we need to do to solve that problem? When we have a difficult problem to solve its better not to stress about it.

Stress isn’t beneficial because it would cause us to overthink a certain problem. If we were stressed, we would be panicking and trying to search for a solution which causes us to overlook the solution that’s needed, and we would be messing it up even more. Not only that but stress could also make us not able to focus and not see the surroundings or other problems. if we stress, we would not think of the simple fix but think of the most complicated you could think of

Stress would cause us to be more easily fatigued because we tend to think of a problem over and over without finding the solution for it and cause our mind to feel tired. not only that by stressing over a problem we would often think of it till late in the night and we won’t be able to have a good night sleep because we kept on thinking of a solution which we might have overlooked. not only that but to some people not finding a solution would lead to depression which is bad for our body and mind which could often lead to a case of suicide

Stress would cause us to have a tendency to give up on a certain problem. which makes us not have the solution for the problem and causes us to procrastinate.  and because we procrastinate, we would get frustrated because it’s nearing the deadline. and cause us to give up on that problem.

For this reason I suggest that you shouldn’t overthink of a problem and just try our simplest solution first then try on the more complicated solution which in cause would make sure we did not overlooked a problem, another thing that you could do is o divide up the amount of tasks that are on hand which would make it seem like your assignment isn’t that many and wouldn’t make u stressed but it’s important not to procrastinate with this type of solution because if you do it would cause u more stress then before so you need to manage your time well.

Written by : Douvine S. / XI MIPA 4