A Park A Solution

A park is a public place, where people can enjoy fresh air, green scene, and many public facilities. Aligning with that, parks are also a place where people can meet each other and socialize. Whether on a megapolitan city like New York, Paris, or even Jakarta, parks served many purposes in our daily lives.
Unfortunately, there aren’t many local parks in Jakarta. Rather than parks, Jakarta city had more skyscrapers. The government should build more parks in Jakarta

Having parks can bring huge benefit to the city. One of them is to reduce the volume of flooding. Jakarta is a vast and wide city, with a population of 15 million. This wide city is also located near the coast and apparently is suffering from ground sinking.
At least, half of Jakarta city is now under sea level, which will massively damaged when the wet season comes over. Flooding is a typical occasion that happened in Jakarta city every year. Due to high intensity of heavy rain and the sum of river run across Jakarta, it is likely to had flood every year. Other than natural causes, the flooding is also caused because there are little grounds left in the city, most of the grounds is also subject to construction of buildings all across the city. Some experts believe the flooding rate could be minimized by constructing a way to transport rainwater underground. There are many ways to do that, one of them is by having parks around the flooded area. That way the water will not only absorbed into the ground, but also will be consumed by the plants.

Other benefits of parks are also, it can be a new way of entertainment to the people of the city, in the globalization era.  Jakarta city is a home of several nation-wide festivals and heritage. These events are sort of entertainment for the citizens of Jakarta city. Jakarta city never runs out entertainment, in Jakarta alone there are more than two hundred shopping centers. With the overwhelming numbers of entertainment in the city, people will ought to be bored easily that’s why people need a new way of entertainment, one of the ideas is having parks. Having a park around, is not only light up the day, but also increase the area’s revenue. Possessing a big park nearby also can help us organize and conduct a cultural or a celebration event in our neighborhood. This is also a way to communicate and socialize with our neighbors.

The idea of having more parks in the city is also a way to reduce the level of pollution in the area. In 2019, Jakarta ranked as one of the worst cities with pollution. These pollutions are due to citizens of Jakarta neglect the importance of our nature. By building more parks with plants and trees in the capital city, it will reduce the number of pollutions. Trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide which is one of the gas that cause global warming org glass house gas. Aligning with that having a park also an eye relaxing scene for people who are stressed by work or just want to had a sightseeing

Therefore, the government should build more parks than just having drainage holes. Because a park can benefit the society more than just a drainage hole. To decrease the level of pollution, the volume of flooding, and a decoration for the city.

Written by Sebastian Nathanoel XI-MIPA 4/27

Source: https://osisbid10.blogspot.com/2020/05/a-park-solution.html